The Ho Chi Minh City Conservatoire

The Ho Chi Minh City Conservatoire was founded in 1956. The school has two majors: the quartet and the Western music, which includes nearly 20 musical instruments and music theory. In 1960, the school was renamed Saigon National Theater and Drama School; 1975 is Ho Chi Minh City National School of Music and from 1981 to now Ho Chi Minh City Conservatory.

Ho Chi Minh City Conservatory trained the performance team; teaching, theoretical, management and scientific studies of music; participate in all activities in the field of music art; contributing to the development and development of Culture - Art in Ho Chi Minh City, the South and the country.

With an organizational structure of 9 faculties, 6 functional divisions and 4 subordinate organizations, the Ho Chi Minh City Conservatory of Music has trained and fostered cadres of high school, college, university and postgraduate level. Study in the system: formal, work-study, professional, formal far-field; training Bachelor of Music Education; Training according to the model of socialization (depending on the needs and requirements of students); Performing activities: composition, performances, international exchanges, music studies; research, study and write scientific works, especially traditional music in the South.

Ho Chi Minh City Conservatory was awarded the First, Second and Third Labor Medal by the State; Independence Order Second, Third; Many generations of lecturers have been awarded the title of People's Teacher, Teacher of Excellence, People's Artist, Artist of Excellence; many professors of Ho Chi Minh City Conservatory were invited to be judges for international music contests in the world; Many lecturers, students and students won high prizes at home and abroad, thereby creating prestige in the quality of training music art in the country as well as in the region and the world.